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Corporate Executive Summary

Accessible Immunotherapies and Business Excellence Through Innovative Science

Tevogen Bio® is a leading NextGen clinical-stage Specialty Immunotherapy Biotech developing off-the-shelf Precision T cell therapeutics in virology, oncology, and neurology.

Tevogen’s leadership team, with decades of drug development and global commercialization experience in several therapeutic areas, believes that affordable personalized immunotherapies are the next frontier of medicine, and that advanced science and disruptive business models are necessary to sustain and accelerate medical innovation.

The company has developed core organizational capabilities, successfully completed the proof-of-concept (POC) clinical trial of its lead product candidate, TVGN 489, in which no dose limiting toxicities or treatment-related adverse events were observed, established a robust research pipeline, and earned considerable recognition for its patient centric, purpose driven business model, all in less than two years since its formation.

TVGN 489 is designed to address the unmet need of acute-risk COVID-19 patients who are unable to take or unlikely to benefit from currently available preventative or therapeutic options, as well as a subset of patients suffering from long COVID. The company is now exploring potential alliance partners in anticipation of rapid market entry of its lead product.

Portfolio & IP

Research pipeline includes off-the-shelf, allogeneic genetically unmodified precision CD8+ T Lymphocyte therapeutics for the treatment of serious viral infections, viral-induced cancers, several non-virally induced common cancers, and neurologic diseases (multiple sclerosis). The intellectual property portfolio includes three granted U.S. patents, eight pending patents and is owned solely by the company.

Current Pipeline and Research Portfolio

Tevogen has established its Corporate & Commercial Hub in Warren, New Jersey. Company’s R&D Center and Preclinical Research Facility are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sustainable Business Model

Cell and Gene therapies are expected to be the norm, not the exception. However, patient access barriers remain a risk factor for the sustainability of the cell and gene therapy sector.

Tevogen’s inventions are designed to overcome both cost and geography related patient access barriers and transform personalized treatments by developing cell therapies as first-line options for diseases like cancer, MS and hard to treat viral infections. The company aspires and is designed to be the very first biotech to achieve commercial success and patient affordability through advanced science and efficient business models.

Major Achievements and Future Milestones

Tevogen is currently preparing in anticipation of rapid market entry of its lead product. In addition to expanding internal capabilities, it is also exploring engagement opportunities with select service providers and potential alliance partners.

Tevogen’s intends to create a collaborative alliance with a biopharma company with established development and commercialization capabilities in therapeutic areas of common interest. TVGN 489 is being developed to treat COVID-19, a viral disease that has impacted just about every person in the world. Based on the current understanding of COVID-19 and its long-term sequelae, the pandemic is becoming endemic i.e. COVID-19 and Long COVID is here to stay.

While COVID-19 will continue to impact our lives, it has resulted in increased morbidity and mortality in the high-risk population. In the last 12 months* alone, 56 million Americans were infected with COVID-19 and over 415,000 deaths were attributed to this disease (Source: Johns Hopkins University COVID Tracker, * as of Aug 30, 2022). While millions are infected with COVID-19, Tevogen is developing TVGN 489 for niche segments of patients at acute risk of morbidity and mortality.

Alliance Opportunity

Product: TVGN 489

Status: Clinical development – POC clinical trial successfully completed

Potential Indications:

  1. Ambulatory treatment of COVID-19 in patients at “Acute Risk” of hospitalization and death.
  2. Treatment of Long COVID
  3. Ambulatory treatment of COVID-19 in immune suppressed patients at “Acute Risk” of hospitalization and death.
  4. Inpatient treatment of COVID-19 in patients at “Acute Risk” of morbidity and mortality.

Acute Risk Population

A sub-group of SARS-CoV-2 infected patients, classified at very high risk of hospitalization and death. We estimate that “acute risk population” is about 20% of the high-risk population. Typically, these patients are unable to take or unlikely to benefit from currently available preventative or therapeutic options (Source:

Tevogen looks forward to an introductory meeting to explore mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities.

For further details, please contact Sadiq Khan, Chief Commercial Officer at

Forward-Looking Statements

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