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Tevogen Bio was established in June of 2020 with an audacious goal of finding cures for common cancers. Tevogen has secured IP, advanced its lead product from concept to clinic within 18 months, built organizational capacity and earned its brand recognition in less than two years.

The company is led by experts with diversified experience across all sectors of the healthcare ecosystem, and is uniquely positioned to combat several large-scale health problems of today, including COVID-19. The leadership is confident in its rapidly advancing and diverse research portfolio in virology, oncology, and neurology. The aim is to be the first biotech to offer personalized T cell therapeutics at commercially attractive and economically viable price.

Tevogen’s success is rooted in passion and perseverance and is backed by rigorous science. However, the culture of optimism, and the belief that learning and adapting means advancement, is what propelled Tevogen Bio to this moment.

Our rapidly progressing clinical stage biotech is approaching its next point of inflection. Join us before our next growth spurt.

Corporate Overview

September 9th, 2022

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