A healthier world through equitable access to breakthrough lifesaving immunotherapies

Our mission is to leverage our proprietary cell and gene therapy platforms to innovate breakthrough and accessible immunotherapeutics for life threatening cancers and viral infections for which limited treatment options are available.

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Tevogen Bio is driven by a team of distinguished scientists and experienced biopharmaceutical leaders who have developed and commercialized multiple franchises. In collaboration with key strategic partners, the company moved its lead product from discovery to clinical phase within 12 months of inception, shaving years off the industry’s standard for drug development timelines.

Tevogen leadership believes that accessible personalized immunotherapies are the next frontier of medicine and disruptive business models are required to sustain medical innovation in the post-pandemic world. The company’s proprietary technology overcomes traditional barriers to the broad application of targeted T cell therapies through advances in speed to patient and product purity. Tevogen’s focus on organizational and manufacturing efficiency is core to its biopharma business model and the company’s goal is to make personalized immunotherapies accessible to the masses for the first time. Tevogen Bio’s research pipeline includes targeted CD8+ T Lymphocyte therapeutics for the treatment of common cancers (NSCLC, Cervical Cancer) and difficult to eradicate serious viral infections (Hepatitis B).

Our Innovative Science

Tevogen’s unique allogeneic T cell technology is a major scientific breakthrough   

Allogeneic TVGN-489 is an anti-COVID-19 therapy containing highly purified cytotoxic CD8+ T lymphocytes designed to detect and kill SARS-CoV-2 infected cells.

Target Tuning Platform to overcome potential immune escape of SARS-CoV-2 viral variants.

Target Specific T Cell Receptor Engineered CD8+CTL (TCR-Ts) for treatment of Cancers and Viral Infections.

Technology to Bring Targets for Tevogen’s Allogeneic CD8+Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes to Cancer Cells being Marked for Elimination.


We are committed to pioneering lifesaving innovations for viral diseases and cancers for which there is a high unmet need

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Manufacturing Partner

BioCentriq is New Jersey Innovation Institute’s pioneering cell and gene therapy process development and clinical manufacturing center.

We are dedicated to developing accessible therapeutics for patients impacted by life threatening cancers and viral infections

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Message From the CEO

Tevogen was created based on the audacious goal of finding a cure for cancer. This dream inspired us to pursue the development of life-saving therapies for some of the most prevalent illnesses plaguing humanity today.

Our success is rooted in passion and perseverance, and is backed by rigorous science. However, our unrelenting optimism – and belief that learning and adapting means improving – is what propelled us to this moment.

Our corporate culture encourages people to contribute their unique and diverse perspectives, to harness their optimism and creativity, and to be ready to learn and develop solutions together towards a common and greater purpose. We all are different and think differently, it’s okay to fail and make mistakes but learn from the failures – that mindset, respect for each other and irrational optimism is what has made Tevogen a reality.

I am confident in Tevogen’s success, and in our investigational therapies and vaccines. We have brought together accomplished experts in immunotherapy and vaccine development to contribute their knowledge in a practical and efficient way. Tevogen is uniquely positioned to combat several large-scale health problems of today, including COVID-19 and Influenza. I am equally confident in the cancer solutions our oncology portfolio will contribute.

One of our objectives is to ensure that all people, regardless of socioeconomic status, are able to afford our therapies. Affordability of life-saving healthcare is a major challenge of our time. As the founder of Tevogen and its CEO, I am personally delighted to see that what started as an intrepid goal may very well play a critical role in overcoming the biggest public health crisis of our time.

Ryan Saadi, MD, MPH
CEO, Tevogen Bio

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