That’s why we aspire to be the first biotechnology company offering commercially attractive, economically viable, and cost-effective personalized T cell therapies

Target antigens present only on diseased cells, allowing healthy cells to remain intact

Antigens engaged by naturally occurring T cell receptors -enhanced safety

Diverse applications spanning oncology, neurology, & virology

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Message From the CEO

Tevogen was created based on the audacious goal of finding a cure for cancer. This dream inspired us to pursue the development of life-saving therapies for some of the most prevalent illnesses plaguing humanity today.

Our success is rooted in passion and perseverance, and is backed by rigorous science. However, our unrelenting optimism – and belief that learning and adapting means improving – is what propelled us to this moment.

Our corporate culture encourages people to contribute their unique and diverse perspectives, to harness their optimism and creativity, and to be ready to learn and develop solutions together towards a common and greater purpose. We all are different and think differently, it’s okay to fail and make mistakes but learn from the failures – that mindset, respect for each other and irrational optimism is what has made Tevogen a reality.

I am confident in Tevogen’s success, and in our investigational therapies. We have brought together accomplished experts in immunotherapy and biopharma business to contribute their knowledge in a practical and efficient way. Tevogen is uniquely positioned to combat several large-scale health problems of today, including COVID-19. I am equally confident in our rapidly advancing and diverse research portfolio in virology, oncology, and neurology.

One of our objectives is to ensure that all people, regardless of socioeconomic status, are able to afford our therapies. Tevogen’s aim is to be the first biotech to offer personalized T cell therapeutics at commercially attractive and economically viable price. As the founder of Tevogen and its CEO, I am personally delighted to see that what started as an intrepid goal may very well play a critical role in overcoming the biggest public health crisis of our time.

Ryan Saadi, MD, MPH
CEO, Tevogen Bio