Tevogen Bio CSO to Discuss Investigational T Cell Therapy at NOLA Conference Focused on Long COVID and COVID-Related Cancer Risk, Alongside Leading Oncology Experts


Tevogen Bio CSO to Discuss Investigational T Cell Therapy at NOLA Conference Focused on Long COVID and COVID-Related Cancer Risk, Alongside Leading Oncology Experts


April 26, 2023


WARREN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tevogen Bio is pleased to announce that its Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Neal Flomenberg, will be presenting at the Long COVID, Inflammation, and Cancer Conclave, hosted by the No One Left Alone (NOLA) Foundation on May 12, 2023, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Flomenberg will be joining a distinguished group of global experts in oncology from various institutions, including the Broad Institute, COA, BCBSSC, Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Johns Hopkins, Weill Cornell Medicine, Florida Cancer Specialists, UCSF, American Oncology Network, and UCSD School of Medicine, to examine the links between Long COVID, cancer, cardiac conditions, and other long-term debilitating impacts on millions of Americans, with a focus on underserved and vulnerable populations.


Dr. Flomenberg’s presentation will focus on Tevogen Bio’s investigational T Cell Therapy for acute COVID-19, as well as Long COVID.



“As the pandemic evolves, we’ve observed a shift in the challenges it presents. Our focus for acute COVID lies on vulnerable subpopulations. It is highly likely that Long COVID, and other late sequelae caused by the virus will garner increasing attention as the situation continues to evolve,” remarked Dr. Flomenberg.



“We are honored to have Dr. Flomenberg join our distinguished panel of experts at the conclave. His extensive knowledge of cytotoxic T lymphocyte therapy and expertise in cancer research, in alignment with Tevogen Bio’s commitment to health equity, strongly support NOLA’s mission to collaboratively address health disparities through research and education,” stated Dr. Kashyap Patel.




About Tevogen’s Next Generation Precision T Cell Platform


Tevogen’s next generation precision T cell platform is designed to provide increased immunologic specificity to eliminate malignant and virally infected cells, while allowing healthy cells to remain intact. Multiple, precise candidate targets on viral or malignant cells are selected in advance for T cell sensitization and effector functions with the goal of overcoming the mutational escape capacity of cancer cells and viruses while limiting cross-reactivity.


Tevogen is investigating its technology’s potential to overcome the primary barriers to the broad application of personalized T cell therapies: potency, purity, production-at-scale, and patient-pairing, without the limitations of current approaches. Tevogen’s goal is to provide access to the vast and unprecedented potential of developing personalized immunotherapies for large patient populations impacted by common cancers and viral infections. The ability to administer TVGN-489 in the outpatient setting and the ongoing work by Tevogen scientists to use this product in diverse patient populations, highlights Tevogen Bio’s commitment to patient accessibility.




About Tevogen Bio


Tevogen Bio is driven by a team of highly experienced industry leaders and distinguished scientists with drug development and global product launch experience. Tevogen’s leadership believes that accessible personalized immunotherapies are the next frontier of medicine, and that disruptive business models are required to sustain medical innovation in the post-pandemic world.




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